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Climb to the Top Elite Division

What qualifies you for the Elite Division at Climb to the Top: Boston? Applicants must have competed in at least two of the Climb events below:

If you haven't competed in any of the above events, but still think you should qualify for the Elite Division contact us at ClimbMSGNE@nmss.org.

Benefits of being part of the Elite Division:

What’s your story? The media relations team wants to hear from you! Do you have a unique training regimen for Climb to the Top? Are you running with any family members or a group of people? Are you are running for someone living with MS? Email us your story at ClimbMSGNE@nmss.org!

Please contact us at ClimbMSGNE@nmss.org if you have any questions regarding the Elite Division of Climb to the Top.

Elite Climbers are still required to pay a registration fee and fulfill the fundraising minimum of $250.


Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!