AUSTIN The FUN Mud Run Sunday, October 15, 2017

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Hey Austin, after the show you put on over the weekend, we're rewriting the first chapter of our mud run opus How to Muck It. You made it historical and hysterical at the same time.

The Sunday Funday was unusually cool and overcast, but that did not dampen your mud-thusiasm, which was on full display from beginning to end.

You helped Mud Master Al orchestrate a perfect prelude at the start line with some truly inspired and very dirty warm-up exercises, including the first backward back crawl in MuckFest® MS history.

With over half the obstacles ringing the MuckFestival, refreshed by Traveler Beer, spectators got an eyeful and an earful, including hoots, hollers and even some whinnying...oh wait, that was the horses. But overall, muckers distinguished themselves by slipping and sliding up, over and through the obstacles with a good-natured panache that brought smiles to everyone's faces.

Teams brought their A game when it came to the wardrobe department. We saw full-on super heroes in capes and tights as well as bright, colorful and clever team t-shirts. Big props to top fundraising mucker, Sheryl Hayes, who sported some crazy braids woven with neon green ties and bright yellow rubber ducks: a wondrous achievement that hair art historians will be discussing for many years to come.

We salute all the MS Warriors who took on the course, and those who cheered from the sidelines, and loved ones who were remembered and memorialized. It was a powerful reminder of why we muck it.

Thanks to everyone who donated and fundraised on behalf of the National MS Society, including the awesome top fundraising individuals and teams listed below. To all our fundraisers, your time and effort are sincerely appreciated.

Thanks to the outstanding volunteers, including a large group of high school students, who helped make the event a success. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks to everyone who traveled from near and far to be there, with a special shout out to teams and spectators who made the trip up from Houston.

To Rusty's Walnut Creek Ranch, thank you for being a great event partner and for letting us horse around on your beautiful ranch.

Thank You

National MS Society Thank You Message

Thank you for coming out and making MuckFest MS Austin so memorable. We would like to thank all the runners, volunteers, spectators and staff who participated and supported each other this weekend. It is that spirit of support that inspires us to work hard every day of the year to support people living with multiple sclerosis.

There is still time to support the mission behind the “muck.” We've made incredible progress so far and we want to keep that momentum going after the event. Make a donation online.

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“It was an absolute blast!”—Sheila T., Austin Mucker

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Photo Gallery

All of the awesome event photos, including the ones below, are available for you to download, print and share on social media! For now, check out the Sneak Peek album: Sunday 10/15 Event Photos
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Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to our Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams*. You are truly a great inspiration to us all, and your hard work fundraising individually and as teams is sincerely appreciated.
Individuals 1. Sheryl Hayes$5,150
2. Ann Schmalz$3,250
3. Veronique Nydam$2,928
4. Casey Simmons$2,431
5. Raymond Krisanda$2,005
Teams 1. Dirty Dudes and Divas$10,491
2. Boo's Mucking Squad$3,993
3. Team MuckStache$3,501
4. Boomers & Boomlettes$3,250
5. Bad Mudder Muckers$3,163

*Fundraising totals as of Tuesday, October 17. For current totals, visit the 2017 Leader Boards.


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