DETROIT The FUN Mud Run Saturday, August 5, 2017

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On a perfect August Saturday, you transformed Willow Metropark into the muckiest and happiest place on the planet.

Everyone there, from the 2,000+ mud-lovin' runners to the Lil' Muckers to the hard-working volunteers to the very vocal spectators and supporters, made MuckFest MS Detroit a truly joyous occasion.

What we're trying to say is, Detroit, you know how to have fun. That was evident from just looking around the MuckFestival area, refreshed by Traveler Beer. Team Tents looked awesome, festooned with groovy decorations. Teams sported some of the finest matching team t-shirts we've ever seen, including quite a bit of that mucky wordplay we love so much.

There was a whole lot of tail-gaiting going on before, during and after the run, which made it a big party, propelled, no doubt, by some of the largest teams of the season, including Pijor - Don't MS with Us or Ford (157), GM'S MIZFITS (84), The Fighting Shamrocks (50), and our mighty local presenting sponsor team, REOCF Real Muckers (46).

Out on the course, muckers mastered one of the longest Walk on Water obstacles of the season. You rocked the epic Slippy Sloppy / Flying Muckers combo while a nearby band kicked out the jams to keep everyone revved up.

Detroit also had one of the muddiest Finish Lines in history, which made for some truly muck-heroic finishes as muckers enthusiastically rang the bell for a world free of MS.

Big thanks to all of the muckers and volunteers who fundraised on behalf of the National MS Society, including the incredible top fundraising individuals and teams listed below. Together, we raised over $200,000 to help fund MS research and to support people and families living with MS.

We'd also like to thank and recognize all the muckers, spectators and volunteers who traveled from all parts of Michigan and neighboring states to take part in the event.

Thanks to local NBC affiliate WDIV, Channel 4 for coming out and covering the event. A special shout-out to Priya Mann for being a good sport and for taking on the Big Balls...we hope your boots dry out soon.

And thanks once again to Willow Metropark for being a great event partner and for providing an awesome venue for our mucky shenanigans.

Thank You

National MS Society Thank You Message

Thank you for coming out and making MuckFest MS Detroit so memorable. We would like to thank all the runners, volunteers, spectators and staff who participated and supported each other this weekend. It is that spirit of support that inspires us to work hard every day of the year to support people living with multiple sclerosis.

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“Team Pegs Legs mucked it up on the course and we couldn't be more humble and proud.”—Amber M., Detroit Mucker

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Photo Gallery

All of the awesome event photos, including the ones below, are available for you to download, print and share on social media! Saturday 8/5 Event Photos
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MuckFest MS
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 MuckFest MS
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MuckFest MS
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MuckFest MS

Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to our Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams*. You are truly a great inspiration to us all, and your hard work fundraising individually and as teams is sincerely appreciated.
Individuals 1. Tiffany Pijor$18,212
2. Don Pijor$10,800
3. Camden King$5,850
4. Mia King$5,405
5. Kelly Sakorafos$3,690
Teams 1. Pijor-Don't MS with Us or Ford$36,584
2. The Fighting Shamrocks$15,334
3. Bears$12,065
4. REOCF Real Muckers$11,716
5. GM'S MIZFITS$5,624

*Fundraising totals as of Tuesday, August 8. For current totals, visit the 2017 Leader Boards.


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National MuckFestival Sponsor Traveler Beer Co
Local Presenting Sponsor Real Estate One Foundation
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